Social Innovation in a Tech Summit

Last week, Bloode’s team had a chance to present Bloode in Web Summit. A tech conference with 21 summits showcasing the latest news and trends in the digital world. One of the 21 summits was […]

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4 Benefits of Donating Blood

Most people donate blood because they want to help others, and, indeed, donating blood a single time may help save the lives of up to three people.1 Still, less than 10 percent of the US […]

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What happens to our blood?

Here’s the fascinating behind-the-scenes story of what happens to blood donations. What journey does your blood or plasma donation go on after you donate? Turns out, it’s a really intriguing process. What journey does your […]

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Blood donation: why are us young people not giving?

Young people are at a ten year low of giving blood. And that really made me think – I’m a young person and I have to admit I’ve never given blood. Why not? I’m not […]

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How everything started

The original idea of Bloode occurred when the two founders, Natalia Kritsali and Natalia Bougadellis, were still in high-school. Bougadellis’ grand-mother was gravely ill, suffering from an autoimmune disorder, and was in need of constant […]

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